False Ego

by The American Dream

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False Ego


released June 19, 2015

Written and performed by The American Dream. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Cody Fuentes.



all rights reserved


The American Dream California

Rock with punk and hardcore influence. Something new for your ears. "False Ego" is out now.

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Track Name: Outro
I'm an american i am free, Oh, how america told these lies.
This is America bless us all. Live for yourself or begin to die.
Track Name: Amerikan Slaves
There's a place that i know where we can all be saved, there's a place called America you can pay to be a slave. I'm incoherent counting bills indulging in expensive thrills. I will show them who i am today.
I'm an Amerikan, but I'm way too kind for the politics. busy preaching to me in an oversized suit with a mouthful of shit. Baby please don't leave me. Wait, love isn't real. We created it to slowly escape what we'll never feel. I couldn't die even if i tried. If i prayed for them with a bible of gold and a gun to my head, would they then have what they need to be saved. Open your heart. She gave us up while i gave her head and i waited for something to crawl in my bed, while i open your legs and devour you whole then you tell me you love me I've heard it before. This is aint who i want to be anymore. They don't want you they just chose you, I'll expose you for who and what you think you are. We built the path while you sat in the way. Not again will i trust anyone. We are all too afraid to be called Amerikan.
Track Name: Wealthy Minds
I was once a simple man
They have
Led me to be cynical
I'm just trying to be
The best I can, they're so damn scared of a fucking opinion.
I just can't be myself, discuss your wealth.
Where does your power truly lie.
Inside your mind, inside your soul.
I only wish to be left alone

This is our time, sink your teeth into
The flesh of the evil, open it open it
Brace yourself were slowly diminishing
I can't help but feel that it's finishing
FUCK THEM ALL the wealthy the wicked
FUCK THEM ALL I wish they were different
KILL THEM ALL destroy it destroy it
LETS UNLOCK what they've hidden from us!

Well I tried to be what they want me to be
And I tried to see what they begged me to see
But fuck that i only wish to be free
Free of the bullshit they're slowly peddling

It's simple, I begged them
I looked up and begged him.
The future looks Grimm so I'll
Just look away
I wish to be the change (x2)
I want to shake the world
Shake off what's holding us back

While they're looking confused I just wanted to breath
Bring life to ideas they thought were deceased
Inconsiderate illiterate we've become so opposed
To opening minds and inspiring those
The human race isn't worth it if were running in place.
I just wanted the peace to eliminate hate

Track Name: Let the Kids Dance feat. Cody Fuentes
I've prepared a speech but can't remember how to speak
I'm losing my mind, pulling my hair out, one strand at a time.
But maybe, I am the issue. Letting my soul wander off and choosing the alternate route instead of following.
HEY HEY! Lets the kids dance, this is all that we (fuckin) have.
HEY HEY! Don't let them confine you, carry heart in the palm of your hand.

Oh, hallelujah. Glory hallelujah!
We are saved, so they thought.
They made themselves into gods.
Maybe that makes me better
I guess that makes my opinion more opinionated than ever

Cause I only want the mishap, only want the pain, I don't wanna find the joy or admit I'm insane
I only want the mishap, only crave the pain, I just wanna feel whole again and make it go away.
I admit that I'm insane (x3)

(i tried to save you)

We sat quietly waiting, while they all went forth together.
Astonished the same, that they couldn't fight the game.
HEY HEY! Lets the kids dance, this is all that we (fuckin) have.
HEY HEY! Don't let them confine you, carry heart in the palm of your hand.

Oh, hallelujah. Glory hallelujah!
We are saved, so they thought.
They made themselves into gods.
Yet were so, so fuckin pathetic.
Hypocrites with a fashion sense.
Either live for it or fuckin kill yourself

(While they wait for the Holy Ghost
Search for their frightened pope)
Track Name: THEY
Baby, I've been trying
I've been trying to figure you out
But somehow I can't and somehow they planned, planned for us to be beautiful.
They're watching, with their eyes on me, always following. He answered my prayer and said... this is not who were meant to be.

I feel so lost, so lost without you
Searching for a dream that will never come true.
Invisible creator~~plausible demonstrator, were waiting on you...

We've become, short of apprehensive. Hope to break the tension,
were all one (I want peace!)
Lets unite and start a revolution
Fuck this constitution, were over played
(it's all lies)

I wish that I was beautiful,
Beautiful like you.
I wish the greed and hate you carry
Would make me feel brand new
But I can't stop believing that we are gonna fuckin die
With a hole in our hearts while you're writing a check as a compromise

You hate me now but you'll love me when I'm gone
Wait for the day were coming home
Death and taxes for everyone.
You ain't alone, we just left you
I just know
We just knew you would run, they monger fear just for fun.
Baby, c'mon I meant to tell you
That freedom isn't free


How could you go ahead and make us believe
That everything we wanted wasn't really what it seemed.
Something so Devine shouldn't be so far out of reach
Something's gotta give and baby it's not gonna be me
(How could you) (How could they)

I tried to go, they wouldn't stay.
I tried to make them whole by breaking them away
Track Name: Societies Finest
I don't give a fuck about these politics thinking that they're adequate.
Narrow minded views got me feeling like I'm opposite
I want to open the box
Reveal the soul that they thought we had lost
Tarnish the name we're forsaken
Pawns to the god you created
Burn the cash and watch them weep
Flocking with their corporate sheep.

Their souls are all up for sale!
Bite the hand that feeds you now

Fuck you and everything you stand for
Fuck them and who they want you to be
I'm the American dream, created solely to watch you deplete.

Fuck them and who they want you to be, they claimed we were free
Not today, i tried to make it out i tried to save you all, but they pulled
us in with those dollar signs in their eyes.

Kill the police killing our brothers.
Who took children away from their mothers.
Who decided that color was an issue.
Fuck every crooked cop and government official.