I'll get home, but does home get me?

by The American Dream

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released June 13, 2013



all rights reserved


The American Dream California

Rock with punk and hardcore influence. Something new for your ears. "False Ego" is out now.

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Track Name: 7 & 7
What if I told you that I was a mess?

Would you still be there for me in that little red

Cause I miss you so bad that im losing sleep

Smell of love and alcohol that wont wash out of my sheets.

Cause I sing the blues and I sing them well and I sing them well

Ill sing them slowly to hell and ill take my sins and all my regrets

And make sure that they never forget.

For I am the answer for I am the cancer

You better brace yourself for when I slit open my throat and

Let out all of this hate you’re going to beg god to take you

Before it’s too fucking late.

Alive for the first time.
Track Name: Bipolar Bear
Loaded up good to go still got nothing left to show but now can see more clearly than ever before. I am lost I am no one but a poet dancing on your grave, still the only one who knows his name.

(chorus) Then to my surprise when I opened up my eyes all I saw was the wreckage and the wasted I should have paced it. No such thing as limits when you’ve thrown It all away into oceans filled with greed, love and excess.

We got lost inside ourselves. I searched desperately for an answer. If love and faith are just lies then why am I searching for the truth. Baby what did I miss? Blinded by those lips I kissed. Between your body and religion it’s too hard to not keep sinning. Well I tried to make it out alive, but you got me by the neck with a prayer and drunk sex.

You’re my savior. Bullshit, you never cared about anyone but yourself. As I begged for forgiveness taking drinks from the devils palm. No longer my god. What is left but to repent? All of this hate trapped inside me. I will show them who killed you, you did this.

(chorus) Then to my surprise when I opened up my eyes all I saw was the wreckage and the wasted I should have paced it. No such thing as limits when you’ve thrown It all away into oceans filled with greed, love and excess. We got lost. Waa!
Track Name: Cheeko
Well I know that it’s late, but we know that you ain’t finished yet. I’m drinking till it hurts hoping to forget. Incoherent and in love they are one in the same. Come take another shot and I’ll show you love.

(chorus) Built upon a nation, suicide and greed. I’ll show you the combination if you would follow me. I am no longer human I need another drink, this oil I consume proves that I am a machine.

Well I thrive off of passion, all the bullshit and love that don’t exist. I’m crippled from the torture and I can’t move my wrists. We all just want to party but life can get the best. I am a fucking rockstar and I’ll die just like the rest.

(chorus) Built upon a nation suicide and greed. I’ll show you the combination if you would follow me. No loner fearing god, I only fear myself. For I will choose the devil and slowly burn in hell.

Everybody in this fucking world, there’s no hope for anything nor you and I. So no matter what you’re drinking, Let’s all fucking die tonight.

Oh. Where did I go wrong? I thought I had all the answers, but that’s just my luck. It just ain’t the same. This room is spinning but I can’t complain cause I know you will steal my soul. Rock n’ Roll is dead and I fucking killed it. I’ve been whiskey drinking, let the mayhem begin.
Track Name: Rudy Eugene
aint it beautiful the way that love goes back and
forth like bad traffic
i am crazy but aware that we did this to ourselves
we built this city upon a fuckin plague
i see you starting at me
you can tell that this is the end, you have got me
where you want me. oh baby just let me in.

i held god in my hands and i begged for him to stop dying
i cant forgive myself this time and i hate when it
rains in the summertime. where is hope?

who the fuck are you?
what the fuck did you think this was?
life must be so great, another cute face without a heart.
i guess love is temporary, temporarily ours.
occasianal sex and three AM phone calls.
I am doing the best i can and i dont owe you shit.

oh, let us pray gather round as she consumes the entire town
i know your hungry but i'm too wasted, i cant give you
what you fuckin need.
baby cmon, you got me right here, let me make you sweat.
cause i guess love wasnt enough to keep us from both
killing ourselves.

i'll wait by your side. I'll wait by your side while you
devour me whole, i guess its somewhere, but i cant seem
to find my fucking keys. Where was i last?
Whats the point? im still trippen of the past, but
the future is lookin good.

(this is the part of the song where the listener
becomes part of the story)
Track Name: Julian
I've heard it all and frankly i've heard enough.
this is the bullshit you call progression?
The end of the world aint coming, its already
fucking here.

Just shut the fuck up and open your ears
there's a world that we cant hear
sweet talking young thing, you look so good without
your clothes.
I'm caught between lust and the law, I've got nowhere
to go. You wanna run your mouth then show me love?
I don't fucking think so...
All that we think we are, a fabrication of what they know
I coexist inside of them because i fucking hate you.

Oh, here we go again, another does of confusion.
It's becoming harder to breathe, surrounded by stupidity.
why yes, you're beautiful and hollywood is watching you.
what good is self-respect for a quick buck and a fucking name.

We held onto a thread that was so small you could
see the world shrik. Look me in the eyes and spit in my fucking
face, let's throw gasoline on the children and then see
how they fucking taste.

Somewhere we lost ourselves. Over and over again
i felt my brain melt, i was addicted to what i had become.

I sit and pray that rather than save me, this world
swallows me whole. Clinch my teeth and consume till it hurts.

How could you tell me these lies? To think that we would
compromise and slowly die? I've made deals with the devil
I wish that i was able to let go to say no, i wish that
i could break this curse...

I've been waiting, contemplating on the life that we chose
and the way my faith has been shaken. I've been thinking
thats life's not that bad cause im young and im drunk and
i dont give a fuck.

I've been waiting for the right time to tell you that our gods
are not the same and we are playing very different games.
Over and Over it replays inside my head
where the demons stay.
I ask him, what's the point of creation? If we all awoke
to a world created by someone we will never know.
There is no home in between heaven and hell.

oh lonely child i can't bare to see you go, i just
pray that someone finds you and brings you safe back home.
All these tears i shed, visions of red got me thinking
that i'm not alone in this room.